Aspire Gear Testers Only

Items Available For Testing

Thanks for being a part of the Aspire Gear Testers.

Being a product tester means you get to try (and keep!) any of these new items absolutely free. Just pay for the shipping and we'll get your gear to you as soon as possible.

In return, all we ask is for your honest review.

So check out the Aspire Gear below, and choose any of the items you're interested in!


How can we offer these items for free?

We want to make sure we sell the best products available so we're willing to send them to our best customers at a HUGE discount to (usually free) so that we can get honest feedback.

Do I get to keep the items?

Yes, absolutely. Any of these items are yours to keep forever.

Are they really free?

Yes, if it says $0, that's what it costs. We do ask that you help with shipping costs.

Is there a membership cost?

No, it's completely free to be an Aspire Gear Tester. We only invite our top community members to join.

Can I cancel?

There's nothing to cancel, but if you want to stop getting the monthly notifcation emails, you can unsubscribe from the email list at any time.

Do I have to choose something every month?

No, you never have any obligation to test any item. Just choose any items you think would be useful to you.

Why Shop With Aspire Gear?

If you believe in supporting a cause, this is the right place for you. Aspire Gear is dedicated to raising awareness for causes that are important to you.

We do this by creating awareness gear that connects and inspires us and by donating to a charity evey quarter.

Shopping with Aspire Gear is a great way to inspire people and make sure your money goes to good causes. For more information about the charities we support, you can visit our blog.