Anti-Barking Device

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Keep the dogs in the neighborhood from barking too much while you pass by. This multifunctional Anti-Barking Device is a good company, especially when walking at night. It serves as an illuminator that you can use to see in the dark, as a tool for training your dog as well as keeping away dogs that bark on you too much. This device is safe to use as there are no harmful effects on people. 
*How To Use:
  1. Illuminating: Slide the function switch to the first site, press the "BEAM" button, the machine can be used as a light.
  2. Dog training: Slide the function switch to the middle site, and then press the button switch BEAM on the top of the product.
  3. Anti-Barking: Slide the function switch to the last site and aim at the mad dog, press the BEAM button, the dog will run away.
  1.  Aim at the dog's head such as the eyes or ears, to reach the best effect while using the device.
  2. This product has strong ultrasonic and infrared laser power, so please do not treat people's ears and eyes in case of injury.
  3. You’d better not to use the grade of dog training to illuminate because the amount of current consumption in this grade is more than five times than that of lighting-grade.
  4. In the dog training mode, since the power is strong, the power consumption is large, so do not press the switch for a long time. Generally, release after pressing the switch within 10 seconds, and then press, so that the power can be kept stable to achieve the best results.
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Size: 140 * 40 * 30 mm / 5.51 * 1.57 * 1.18 inches
  • Battery: 9 V Alkaline battery (Not included)
  • Effective distance: 5 to 10 meters


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