Julia's Story [Part 1]: The Discovery

Four years ago, Julia Freifeld moved into her college dorm room along the central coast of California to begin a new chapter in her life. She had enrolled in her first classes at her university and was ready to begin her education. Julia was excited to learn in her college courses, but what she learned outside the classroom ended up changing her life forever... 

Julia Freifield - Jewels for Change
Julia Freifeld - Jewels for Change Founder


During Julia's first week of college, two of her close friends were sexually assaulted.

This was an experience that Julia never imagined would happen. It was only the first week of college, and now the lives of her two friends (and her own life) would never be the same.

Through her research, Julia discovered two surprising facts about sexual violence occurring on college campuses:

  • One in 5 women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted while attending college 
  • Over 90% of sexual assault victims in college do not even report the assault

This discovery led her to a decision that would ultimately change the rest of her life. Julia decided to dedicate her life towards learning about and preventing sexual violence in her own community and across the world. 

Click here to see what Julia created to help victims of Sexual Violence.

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  • I really take my hat off to you. For your strength, courage and determination.You are such an inspiration. I was sexually abused from 3 years old until mid 30’s. I have always had a passion to help young people or indeed anyone with mental health problems. In the Stanley area there are very few health professionals to actually help with mental health issues. There is a basic lack of support, empathy and understanding or even education. The suicide rate in Stanley has increased fourfold and no-one seems interested or cares. A possible reason for this is Stanley is a very deprived area.
    I have always had a passion within myself to help young people or even anyone with mental health issues. However I have tried to think for so long how can I put this into practice. I just don’t know where to start or how to begin to make a difference. I have started college and I am studying level 2 in counselling . I was a qualified nurse, but I’m unable to go back to nursing due to my own mental health needs spiralling out of control about 5 years ago. I had private counselling approx 15yrs ago. When I was better throug myh counsellor I studied thought field therapy, inner child etc. I would be extremely interested for your thoughts, ideas, opinions and feedback. Thankyou very much lv jooles

    julia on
  • Hi, I have Fibromyalgia, Also dégénérative arthrosis on my spine and knees. All due to a car accident in 1993. Could you please tell what I have to do if I become part of a review review group. Big THANK’S and congratulations for your Marvelous site…. Suzanne 57 years old, mother of five grown up child and Grand mother of 7 boys and 1 Super beautifull girl. She is a knock out, such a beautiful 5 yesrs old grand daughter. I use to model, ( I Wish my grand daughter would model too. She as wath it take beleive me 😉

    Suzanne Arsenault on

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