Julia's Story [Part 2]: The Decision

Here is Part 2 of Julia's Story, a story that has impacted our company and we hope will impact you as well!  

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After two of Julia Freifeld's close friends were sexually assaulted during her first week of college, she made a decision that would change her life forever...

Julia Freifeld- Jewels for Change

Julia decided to dedicate her life towards learning about and preventing sexual violence in her own community and across the world. She became determined to create an environment of support and love for all victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Her passion to help victims led her to become a crisis counselor for RISE (Respect, Inspire, Support, Empower). RISE is a nonprofit organization located in the central coast region of California that strives to prevent sexual violence and attempts to assist victims in times of need. 

However, Julia noticed during her time as a crisis counselor that there is a substantial lack in funding for organizations like RISE that exist to serve victims of sexual violence. This inspired Julia to do something that would make a huge difference in her community.

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Hey Chloe here from Aspire Gear,

Thank you for reading Part 2 of Julia's Story! We hope that her story has inspired you to be the change that you want to see in the world! 

Julia and Aspire Gear have partnered up to help support victims and raise awareness of sexual violence. Julia has created 100 beautiful necklaces that will generate funds for helping victims and preventing sexual violence.

Sexual Violence Awareness Necklace

If you felt inspired today by Julia's Story, please consider supporting the cause by ordering one of these amazing necklaces!

Have a great day!



Yes, I want to support Julia and Sexual Violence Victims Today

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