Police Awareness Offer

There are over 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers serving in America

20,789 names are engraved on the National Law Enforcement Memorial  

Every 61 hours, a police officer is killed in the line of duty...

"We have an incredible warrior class in this country- people in law enforcement; and I thank God every night we have them standing fast to protect us from the tremendous amount of evil that exists in the world." -Brad Thor

Police Officers are Heroes. They willingly risk THEIR lives in order to save OUR lives.

Join us in honoring the sacrifices that Police Officers make EVERYDAY!!! Help us in remembering those who have given their lives to protect us! And help us honor the thousands of individuals who put themselves in danger's way in order to protect the millions of families in America.

We ASPIRE to make everyone aware so that EVERYONE can get involved in supporting police officers and honoring their sacrifices. 

Make a difference! Wear police officer awareness gear to show your support, raise awareness, and inspire others to get involved! 


1) Thank the next police officer you see for their service

2) Tell your family and friends to do the same

3) Wear Police Officer Awareness Gear to support Law Enforcement!!!

Help us achieve our aspirations of honoring those who give their lives to protect ours! Thank you!

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