6-in-1 Can, Bottle, and Jar Opener

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6-in-1 Can, Bottle, and Jar Opener - FREE SHIPPING

An innovative design to make your life easier. Introducing Aspire Gear's 6-in-1 Can, Bottle, and Jar Opener. This multifunctional kitchen tool is a dependable companion for opening jars and bottles in the most convenient way possible. Designed to last longer and is made with high-quality materials. Safe and easy-to-use, out with the cuts you keep getting in opening bottle and cans.  

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  • Metal Type: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 21 cm x 5.5 cm x 5 cm (approx) 
  • Funtions: Screwcap Opener; Bottlecap Opener; Tin Lid Lifter; Ring Puller; Jar Pop; Cutter

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