Aspire Gear Reviews | 2017

Aspire Gear Reviews | 2017

Customer Testimonials

Nothing puts a smile on our team's face more than when we receive a heartfelt message from one of our amazing customers. Here were some of our favorite customer testimonials from 2017.


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  • Kinza Bashir

    its amazing site to buy online things❤

  • Harold R Evans

    I have looked for a site like this for years, a site that deals in my two fave interest ( i.e.. firefighting & USAF ) plus others & there products are first rate high QUALITY & PRICED right

  • Stephanie Galade

    I have received some of my order. I put some pictures on Facebook and people love the items. I LOVE the items. The items I received were the Mental Health Awareness charm bracelet. So pretty. This bracelet means a lot to me because I deal with mental illness every day. I also received the Mental Health Awareness black ring with the green line. I don’t see this as an option to buy anymore so I’m glad I bought it. Also I received the Suicide Prevention charm bracelet. This is so beautiful! And this hits home for me. I lost my younger brother when he was 19 to suicide. The other item I received was the Empowerment bracelet with the leather strap and metal piece with the inspirational saying on it. This too is another wonderful piece. There are so many wonderful pieces on this site. I can’t wait to get more and share them with the world. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

  • Samuel D Kiser

    I received a email from you guys I nevered served in the service my brother served in 101st airborne in Hawaii 3yrs and reanlisted got orders to go to Vietnam 4 four years he made it home after serving are country he came back a different person. I had a uncle that was a POW he never made it back from the Manila #2 phillipine island never made it back they found his burned remains in a camp. I’m interested purchasing a pocket watch United States never be forgotten when I can afford it. Thank you

  • Jennifer Jones

    I just received the mental health awareness necklace, with the beautiful green bead on the fashionable cord, and I love it so much, so glad I ordered one for each one of my family members. I get so many compliments when I wear it, thankyou Aspire!!!

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