5-in-1 Military Survival Bracelet

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FREE 5-in-1 Military Survival Bracelet- Just Pay Shipping

Custom versatile multi-functional military survival bracelet! Support the United States Military with this awesome bracelet! Great for camping, backpacking, and hiking!!! Always have this Paracord bracelet on so that you can be ready for any emergency! The 5-in-1 Military Survival Bracelet includes a super safe fire starter (AND MUCH MORE, SEE BELOW)! This bracelet has been designed with premium high quality material...And we are offering it for FREE.

YES we are actually giving them away for FREE. You just have to pay the shipping and handling.

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Product Details:

Type: Survival Bracelet

Style: Camping/Hiking/Backpacking

Condition: Brand NEW!

Features: 5-in-1 Function

  • Safety Flint Fire Starter- Use for starting safe fires. Great for camping, emergencies, or just to impress your friends
  • Compass- Use for navigating in any emergency
  • Whistle- Use for communicating with fellow campers, deterring snakes, and for search & rescue emergency situations
  • Scraper- Use as a knife for cutting whatever you need to cut
  • Paracord- Use by unraveling the Paracord stored within the bracelet! Over 10 feet of super strong rope for tying down camping equipment or for building emergency shelter

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