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FREE Silisponge Makeup Applicator - Just Pay Shipping

The new Silisponge Makeup Applicator makes a little makeup go a long way!!! Unlike other makeup applicators, the Silisponge has a non-porous silicone surface that doesn't soak your foundation. That means that more of your cherished makeup ends up on your skin rather than soaked in to your applicator (where it is gone forever)! 

Less wasted makeup = More $$$ in your pocket 💰🤑

Do you want to waste less makeup?

If so, then the Silisponge is for you!

Do you want to spend less time spreading your makeup?

If so, then the Silisponge is for you!

The Silisponge makes putting on makeup easier and more efficient. It evenly spreads your foundation for a smooth finish, leaving your skin looking marvelous. Better yet, the Silisponge is easy to clean (just rinse it with water and you're done!!!). It lasts longer than your ordinary makeup sponge too!

  • Easily spread your makeup 
  • Evenly spread your makeup
  • Waste less makeup
You get it all with these new Silisponges! Its non-porous silicone surface doesn't soak your foundation and does the job efficiently, evenly spreading the foundation for a smooth finish. Easy to clean, just rinse it with water and you're done. Lasts longer than your ordinary makeup sponge.


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  • Material: Silicone

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